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polishing powder

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Polishing powder

CBNumber: CB9448476 Chemical Name: CERIUM OXIDE Molecular Formula: CeO2 Formula Weight: 172.11 CAS No.: 23322-64-7 MOL File: Mol file Al2O 10.02 % SiO 14.02 % Fe2O 1.08 % CaO 1.49 ...2014-04-21
Shijiazhuang Kaizheng Trading Co.,Ltd
  • Cheap Polishing powder wholesale
(Crystal face, protective combo) Process Principle Crystal face processing is the use of crystal surface treatment agent, a dedicated processor crystal face and its stone the ...2010-12-30
Guangzhou shinshi Metallurgical Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Cheap Marble polishing powder wholesale
  • Guangdong
Cerium Oxide polishing powder is one of the best polishing materials. It is used for polishing glasses, lenses, CRTs, Jewels, COMS chips etc.2011-02-25
Tianjin Timenew Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Cheap Polishing powder wholesale
  • Tianjin
Its products have the following features: 1. Fast rate of polishing, highly polished, moderate in hardness, wear well and long life 2. Good suspension, good redispersibility, non...2011-03-08
Dongguan Tongtao Electronics Co., Ltd
  • Cheap Polishing powder wholesale
  • Guangdong
1. Properties and applications: BR-200 polishing powder is mainly applied in comparatively hard glass with uniform size distribution and strong cutting force and widely used in: ...2011-06-01
Dongguan Daming Rare Earth Material Co., Ltd,
  • Cheap BR-200 polishing powder wholesale
  • Guangdong
POLMAR LUXOR (Marble) MICROLUX (Granite) Polishing Powder is in powder crystal grain, without oxalic acid content, and will not form friction heat on stone surface, with no oxalic ...2011-03-24
Guangzhou Fu Yuan Stone Care Co., Ltd
  • Cheap POLMAR LUXOR (Marble) MICROLUX (Granite) Polishing Powder wholesale
  • Guangdong
Gaoge rare earth polishing powder has been widely used in the end polishing in the deep processing field of glass, such as flat glass, optical glass, conductive glass, extra-thin ...2012-01-18
Yantai Gaoge Polishing Material Co., Ltd
  • Cheap Rare-Earth Polishing Powder of XP-CF-3 Type wholesale
Cerium oxide polishing powder is used for high end polishing of optical lenses, glass lenses, TV screens,computer CRT screens, spectacles and flat glass.Different materials and ...2011-04-20
Nanpi County Polishing Material Factory
  • Cheap Polishing powder wholesale
  • Hebei
PE POLISHING POWDER SERIES 1、TECHNIQUE REQUEST Product Name Chemical Index Physical Index TREO CeO2/REO F PH Value 50 D100 Apparent Density Suspension Color FZ1668 94 70±5 ≥5.0 6.5...2011-03-22
Anyang Fangzheng Abrasives CO.,LTD
  • Henan
Cerium Oxide polishing powder is one of the best polishing materials. It is used for polishing glasses, lenses, CRTs, Jewels, COMS chips etc.2011-12-31
Shanghai Greenearth Chemicals Co.,Ltd
  • Cheap Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder wholesale
  • Shanghai
Performance and application: 1, applies to: for optical lenses, prisms, lenses, high-precision products polishing 2, product characteristics: above average for precision polishing ...2010-12-30
Shenzhen, the United States and Japan Manulife Rare Earth Materials Co., Ltd
  • Cheap MRHL-220 US-Japanese licensing polishing powder series wholesale
  • Hunan
Model:AD-L106Brand:AlphaBrief:Dental Polishing Powder,China Dental Polishing Powder,Dental Polishing Powder Manufacturers number: [1] period: detail:2013-04-06
Alpha Dental Equipment Co.,Ltd
  • Cheap Dental Polishing Powder wholesale
  • Guangdong
Cerium oxide polishing powder used in lower end, general series TJP600 Series, general series Application: This polishing powder is suitable for plate glass, cathoderay tube, eye ...2011-07-16
T J Technologiesmaterials Inc.
  • Cheap Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder Used in Lower End (TJP600 Series) wholesale
Polishing Powder: we are the polishing powder supplier of Swarovski. high quality competitive price good service NT-99 Water dissolves special use Semblance: white powder D50: 1.2Â...2011-11-03
(shandong)Zibo Linzi Xinfangyuan Chemical Industry Co.Ltd.
  • Cheap Polishing Powder wholesale
Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder also called Cerium Polishing Powder and Rare Earth Polishing Powder, is high performance polishing powder suitable for various kinds of glass. It ...2011-06-10
Cstarm Advanced Materials Co., Ltd
  • Cheap Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder wholesale
  • Shanghai

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